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Developed by Chiropractor and Counsellor Dr Sarah Jane, Spinal Energetics is a gentle and effective modality that clears emotional blocks and trauma stored in the body.  This technique is influenced by various Eastern and Western practices in combination with science and philosophy. 

Through light touch (and sometimes no touch) to the physical and energetic body we interact with a person’s spine, nervous system and energetic field. 

You are guided by the Spinal Energetics practitioner to unwind your own tension, resistance and old emotions to harness your own innate wisdom to heal. 

Each session will be unique to the individual, clients may feel the need to move while other clients may not. The organic flow of movement is driven by your own instinct and intuition to help shift and release tension in the body. 

During a session a client may experience a deep sense of relaxation as the nervous system calms while other times a client may experience a cathartic emotional release from suppressed, unprocessed or stuck emotions. It is not uncommon to cry or laugh. 

Sessions are 60 minutes.


Initial booking is $205

Any follow up sessions are $175

“I left my session with Larisa feeling much more balanced in myself. Looking forward to working with her again and experiencing the same kind of healing magic! Her space is incredibly welcoming, she has a fabulous manner in which she conducts herself”

Client, Melbourne 

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