Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that uses muscle memory to find out the reasons for sickness, disease, physical pain or emotional issues. The body is actually a great communicator, if only we listened more often! We use the clients muscles to translate what their body wants to say to their mind and then we work with the client on healing whatever the body brings to the surface. We use many different types of treatments to help facilitate the healing, and this is where the intuitive healing comes in. We could use scientific muscle corrections, acupressure points, crystals, essential oils or other various forms of energy movement. It all depends on what the clients body requests. 


A balance (session) can go for up to 1.5hrs.


Initial booking is $220

Any follow up sessions are $187

Kelsey is an incredible Kinesiologist! I have received multiple sessions from Kelsey and been blown away each and every time. Her intuition is always spot on and she is fully aware of what is going on for me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She has assisted me to overcome many challenges and done so in a way that always makes me feel so comfortable and at ease. Kelsey always delivers exactly the information I need to hear and in such a kind and judgement free manner. I will be seeing Kelsey for years to come as she is now a permanent member of my wellness team. Can't recommend enough! 

Ashleigh, Torquay 

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