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Ritual Breathwork

Each session will explore conscious breath & somatic practices, discuss principles on breathing mechanics and dynamics and will finish with a guided breathflow journey which you can take away and implement as part of your daily ritual and add to your toolkit of inner resources. You’ll learn how to take back control over energy, meaning that you can slow down or recharge simply by using these different breathing techniques.

Crystal Grids for Beginners

Are you drawn to the beauty of crystals and crystal grids?

Wondering how to work with their energy for personal uplift & manifestation? Or you already work with the beauties but want to take it up a notch. Then this workshop is for you!



Yin, Pin & Sing


Enjoy a gentle Yin yoga class themed around the chakra centres of the body while being immersed in a sound bath, followed by acupuncture* during the final shavasana for the ultimate mind, body and soul experience.

The space for this experience will be held by Jemma (yoga) and Susie (sound and acupuncture)

Location: Element Wellness and Healing

Date: Sunday 4 December 2022