With Crystal Wisdom & Healing with Essential Oils

Come and explore the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki with Deanne Mathews, in this 2-day training workshop.


Not only will you discover what Reiki is, you'll also learn how to use touch to transmit energy into your client to reactivate and renew their natural healing processes to restore emotional, mental, and physical well-being. 


You will complete the weekend being a Reiki Practitioner with a strong knowledge and understanding of the responsibility of being a healer, along with the honour of working with Reiki energy.


Location: Element Wellness and Healing

Date: Saturday 11 June - Sunday 12 June

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After five sold out workshops in Perth, this immersive and transformative workshop is coming to Melbourne for one night only!




  • Guided spiritual journeying with an experienced facilitator

  • Hands on healing to ground your energy

  • A safe space in which to share whatever came forward

  • Expansion and development of your spiritual self

  • Connection with one or more of your animal spiritual guides


Bring open hearts and minds ready to embrace the possibilities


Location: Element Wellness and Healing

Date: Wednesday 22 June 2022 - 7pm