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Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB) is a powerful self-healing modality that uses conscious, connected (circular) breathing to enter into an altered state of consciousness while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from the mind, body & spirit.

CCB allows the entire system to oxygenate in an intentional way through the elimination of the pause between the inhale & exhale.

By gently increasing oxygenation of the body it invokes profound healing and inner transformation as it helps you to let go of what no longer serves you.

This transformational breathing technique is used in order to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for the participant.

A CCB session is practiced alongside powerful ceremonial music that will have a big influence on the breather’s experience.

Our breathwork practitioner Katharina's method is a unique blend of conscious connected (circular) Breathwork, intuitive movement, sound and meditation.

Breathing Exercise

Session can go up to 2hours

In person or online.


First session $305

Follow up session $255

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