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Our approach to nutrition is holistic, meaning we assess diet and lifestyle factors that may pose a risk to health and work with clients to take empowered steps to improving their nutrition. When we take a holistic approach, we begin to view health as a more dynamic and complex state of wellbeing that has many contributing determinants - factors such as our work life balance, how we manage stress and sleep hygiene, how we socialise, move our bodies, and right down to how much time we allocate to cook and shop - all contribute to our health outcomes. Holistic Nutrition is designed to provide you with the tools you need to approach your relationship with food from a balanced and evidence based perspective without the stress. 

We have a range of services & support to help you with your health goals, if you are unsure of where to start, we recommend booking in for a free 15 min connection call where we can help determine which is the right support for your journey. 

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Nutrition Connection call 


Cost: Free

Duration: 15mins

Phone call

Nutrition Consultation

Investment: $405

Duration:  up to 90 min


You are so much more than simply what you eat, so why only focus on this? Our comprehensive initial nutrition consultation takes a 1:1 journey through all  aspects of your health, and empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of all the factors that contribute to your wellbeing. Work, sleep, movement, the busy schedule of family life all contribute to our health, and when assessed alongside nutrition, we are able to produce a holistic approach to your physiological wellness that surpasses any "diet."

This session is appropriate for those looking to lose weight or build muscle, identify any existing health risks in their diet or lifestyle, identify possible risk factors for nutrient deficiencies, design and set health goals, modify eating habits for sport and performance, plan or improve eating patterns for vegans/ vegetarians, receive education around food and health or provide supportive nutrition for existing health conditions. We take a "food first" approach, however will provide general advice around supplementation if appropriate. 


What's included

  1. Nutrition consult up to 90mins

  2. 4 Day Dietary analysis and report

  3. Personalised meal planner

Supported Nutrition Journey 


Investment: $1200

Duration: 8 weeks



The 8 week supported nutrition journey is the most comprehensive way to take ownership of your wellbeing. Expect everything you would find in our Initial Nutrition Consultation, plus an additional 2 full months of 1:1 support. This plan is designed to empower you to map out your nutrition and wellness goals, as we take those first few steps alongside you and can be done online or in person.


The journey will include 8 weeks of support including:

  • Optional connection call to discuss your needs and goals and whether this program is right for you

  • Initial consultation up to 90 min

  • Individualised Meal Plans

  • Weekly education modules

  • 6 weeks of regular check-ins where progress is monitored and meal plans adjusted accordingly

  • Final check-in up to 60 min


The weekly education modules are designed to set you up for success. Modules will include health and nutrition related topics such as energy balance and determining your daily energy needs, introduction to the psychology of health, nutrition and exercise - how to get the most out of your training, macronutrients and how they fuel our lives, micronutrients and where to find them, the role of antioxidants, how to read nutrition labels, digestive system and gut health plus much more. 


Apt types:

  1. Connection call - phone call

  2. Journey - Initial consultation - online or in person

  3. Nutrition check in (30 min weekly) x 6 online

  4. Final Nutrition check in (60 min at end of journey) online or in person

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