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If you've done a lot of "the work" and still cant seem to move through something, Crystal Dreaming is the modality to come to. Crystal Dreaming has the potential to unlock cellular memories, clear karmic ties, heal past lives and assist in healing current life trauma. Clearing your negative blockages will open you up to living a lighter more aligned life, this is the goal of Crystal Dreaming. 

In your session, the healer lays out a crystal mandala on the floor and asks you to lie inside it, this facilitates an expanded state of consciousness. You then close your eyes and the healer will guide you through a visualisation where you may meet spiritual guides or loved ones in spirit, connect with past lives, clear karmic ties and heal relationships. You may also receive gifts to power up your personal and spiritual growth. Leaving you feeling confident with your life blueprint and being on path.

This modality is extremely deep and you may only feel called to only have one in your lifetime or many. You will know when the time is right. Trust in your intuitive guidance when making the booking.


Session can go for up to 2hrs.

In person or online.

Investment: $355

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