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What our clients say about us...

When you first meet Lisa, you feel immediately calm and relaxed. She has a beautiful energy about her which instantly makes you feel comfortable. She takes the time to discuss your needs and then provides you with the knowledge and information to heal. I leave her appointments feeling amazingly inspired and loved.

Aleks, Melbourne 

Dani, Melbourne

“I was initially like how is this going to work online? But Janelle made it as seamless and just as insightful as ever. She surrogated my energy and was able to perform the balance. The session was just like as if I’d been there in person. So if you have any reservations at all about online vs real life, don’t. It was just as awesome as ever and I was able to do it in my tracksuit pants.”

Kylie, Perth

“I just wanted to express how much I appreciate Janelle and the ability to go online. I’ve been doing online sessions for 2 years now and the only difference is at the end of the session I couldn’t give Janelle a hug. Even though I couldn’t be in the room with her, I still felt like she was in the room with me. She could do everything that we normally do in a session. It was wonderful to be able to connect and particularly in times like this where its really important to look after yourself and continue the things that make you feel balanced.”

Karen, United States 

"I live in the US. I have been working with Janelle for over a year now. I have been receiving virtual balances. I am always left feeling amazed that she is able to tap into things that I hadn’t brought to the surface yet. I am left feeling positive and refreshed. I have goals to focus on. I sleep great and I am just so thankful that I have that time with her. Even though I am ten thousand miles away I feel very connected to the Element team and I am just so grateful that they are there for me and helping me through this time. "  

Mahi, Indonesia

“I still had a lot of healing to do so I was offered online healing sessions so that I didn’t need to come back to Melbourne to have my sessions. I found them extremely helpful. Just as helpful as when they are done in person. They worked very well for me and I’m sure you’ll find the same. Don’t be afraid of doing sessions online. They are just as productive and I am sure you will see the results and be very happy. “

Michelle, Bali

“I started doing my balances with Janelle about three years ago.  Then we moved back to our home in Bali and I was a bit hesitant about continuing my balances via video. However by doing both and I can totally compare the two, they’re just as effective. I get so much out of it still. I’ve got nothing but good things to say. When Janelle went off work, I started getting my balances with Nathan and again just as fantastic, just as many life changing moments that happened. If you are hesitant, I get it, I understand but I promise you will not be disappointed. All the magic still follows. “

Elise, British Columbia, Canada 

“I just wanted to take a minute to talk about my gratitude to Janelle as well as her amazing abilities to work either in person or remotely. My first balance with Janelle was over the internet. I have worked with her three times altogether and one was in person. The benefits for me are no different whether she’s sitting right in front of me in the office or if I am halfway across the world. So if you are thinking about doing a balance remotely, don’t second guess if it’s going to be worth it. It’s going to be amazing. The benefits you are going to feel will be just as potent. It doesn’t matter where she is. That sort of (healing) energy, it connects us all and its all around us. It’s the whole universe and she is just one of those people who is really amazing at tapping into it no matter where she is.”

Kate, Queensland

“Myself and my daughter have been clients of Janelle’s for about the past four years. We live in Queensland and we have only ever had online balances. We love that we can be in the comfort of our own home during a session. It reminds us that we should smudge and cleanse our space regularly. I know and trust that Janelle can complete everything that we need online. It’s important to trust your gut and I promise you that your session will be just as good online as it is in person.”

Chris, New South Wales

"I’ve been working with Janelle for a number of years now. About a year ago I moved up to the Central Coast so we have done a couple of Skype balances. They were like she was in the room. Each time I needed a tune up, it was excellent. It was exactly what I needed. I was a bit skeptical before I did my first one because I felt like I needed her in the room but it was just as effective. She was able to get a strong connection from me. The things that were coming up were insane. Then she was able to give me the appropriate tools to move forward with what I was struggling with. If any of you are skeptics like I was, just try it. It may not work for you but it certainly worked for me and I was a skeptic."  

Nyla, Canada

“I have only ever done virtual sessions and I can whole heartedly say they have been life-changing for me. It has profoundly changed my life. They have supported me and given me so many tools that I can move forward. I highly recommend doing a session with them."

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