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Erin Davenport is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer and Mind Body Medicine practitioner. She was mentored by Janelle Green as part of the Illuminate program.

Erin had a successful career in retail property in the corporate world for over 20+ years and after reaching an Executive level was severely burnt out, disconnected and lacking fulfilment. After some deep work and self exploration, she used a number of modalities to facilitate change and transform her life into one that provides greater balance and contentment. This ignited a passion to be of service in the world and to others.


Erin has always had a curiosity about life, searching for meaning from a young age and has a strong interest in meditation, mantra and ancient wisdom mythology and practices. 


She is  passionate about empowering people to live life from an open heart, to connect with their inner wisdom and contribute to the change they want to see in the world.


Erin creates a safe environment for you to connect within and explore any blockages or limitations that may be preventing you from living your best life! The rest is up to you

Book in for a session with Erin:

Kinesiology Intuitive Healing

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"I was never a sceptic and had a very open mind but being a newbie to Reiki (and all things that nature) I had no idea what to expect.


Having so much trust in Shaneece I knew she was the right person to introduce me. I will now say, Reiki (performed by Shaneece) is 100% for me. I left my session on cloud nine. Everything felt clearer and lighter. My breaths felt deeper and for the first time in a long time I just felt, calm. During the session the warmth that radiates from her hands is incredible. Even without touch the warmth is felt, almost like standing by a fire. Your skin can feel it. What Shaneece picked up from my session amazed me even more. Everything was spot on, things I hadn't even talked about with her, she picked up on and hit the nail on the head. I took so so much away from my session and I'm putting into practice the things I need to do for myself to get me back to me. I'm already excited for another session with Shaneece and I will be a big advocate for her and this practice. If you're thinking about it, do it! You won't realise how much you needed it until you do. Shaneece is pure magic."

"I felt so nurtured receiving Shaneece's energy healing. With loving intention she really makes you feel open and safe to receive. 

She is very intuitive and picked up on pain and blockages I had been struggling with and some I didn’t even know I had. After the healing I had a very intense release of stuck emotions. Since then I have been feeling more aligned and healed in my heart and womb space - thank u Shaneece! X "

"My crystal dreaming session with Shaneece was so so powerful!


I’ve been feeling so light, free and more myself since clearing the beings and past life wounds during our session. I feel less emotional, heavy and feel more connected to my spirit. I’m feeling very childlike/connected to my inner child. 

I was surprised by the attachments we cleared and the effect they’ve had on me. Shaneece has such a supportive and gentle energy, she held me in such a safe space. She is has the natural energy for facilitating such a powerful and life changing experience. Receiving guidance from my spirit guide and reconnecting with loved ones that have passed was so heartwarming and ended the session in such a loving and positive note. "

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