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Angela is a Reiki Master and Kinesiologist in training, who is part of our Kinesiology Graduate Program.

Whilst on her own healing journey she realised she too wanted to work with people on a deeper level facilitating positive change in the mind, body and soul.


Angela is a seeker and enjoys everything esoteric, mystical and hidden and is constantly working on her spiritual development with a range of wonderful teachers and therapies. 


Angela is caring, honest & warm. Her aim in every session is to empower clients to become their highest selves. 

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Kinesiology Intuitive Healing - coming soon!

What an awesome mix of healing skills Ange has woven together.  She's an ace at kinesiology and can do remote sessions which was fun. Ange's empathetic, light hearted manner made t easy to be relaxed and open to guidance that came through. highlight recommend if you're looking for a unique & magical healing experience that is helpful & nourishing.

Niki, Melbourne 

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