The Tranquil Bride program has been designed for Brides and Grooms, to help relieve stress in the lead up to and on their wedding day. With so much preparation, passion, energy and excitement going into your special day, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and lose sight of why you are getting married and what is really important to you and your partner. Tranquil bride is a program developed to empower you to be completely present on your day and give you the tools to savour every sacred moment.


The Tranquil Bride idea was born out of Janelle's own tranquil wedding experience. An Events Manager in her past, Janelle was well aware of the stress that can be experienced in the lead up to and on the wedding day. Knowing this, Janelle put steps in place to be sure that her own experience was a tranquil one and now her mission is to share this knowledge with other brides and grooms.


People often comment on how quickly their wedding day can fly by and how stressful the lead up to the wedding was. What if that did not have to be the case? What if you were able to ground yourself and remember every smile, every laugh and of course, every kiss? 


Being acutely aware of the energy and emotions that can influence the experience of any significant life event, Janelle has developed a program to help others achieve a tranquil wedding experience. Tried and tested on herself, her groom and her wedding tribe, the program is guaranteed to have you experiencing a day with little or no anxiety or stress, a carefree day, full of tranquility.  


Over approximately 4 months the program incorporates Kinesiology Intuitive Healing Balances, Massage, Acupuncture and other healing modalities. Support from Tranquil Bride will prepare you for a stress free day.


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