Readings can be a blend of Psychic and Mediumship, it depends on what is presented for the client at the start and during the session. Our Psychic/Medium allows the client and spirit to guide the journey instead of having 'rules' placed around the type of reading that will be given. This is a less conventional way of reading that is far more fluid and more compassionate to the emotions of the client and spirit.


What does Psychic mean?

An intuitive connection between the client's energy and reader that brings clarity to situations surrounding the client. This empowers the client to connect with their own abilities and the confidence to move through situations along their earthly path.


What does Mediumship mean?

Readings take place when the reader is a conduit between the living and the spirit realm. As the medium connects to the spirit world they may take on mannerisms of the loved one and give confirmation that there is life after we transition into the spirit world. A mediumship reading gives evidence to the clients that their loved ones are around at certain times in our lives even after they cross over.

Psychic / Mediumship readings can go for up to 1 hour. 

Price: $165