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Pet's and Pal's Healing offers onsite and in home sessions. It provides an opportunity for animal and human to explore their relationship and connect in a new way, while experiencing healing and insight both individually and together.


Through various techniques including reiki, intuitive guidance, behavioural modifications, physical manipulations, Bowen Therapy, and coaching and knowledge regarding animal welfare, these treatments aim to effect energetic changes and deeper understanding between animal and human. Dialogue is opened between animal, human, and therapist, to create a rich understanding of the energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual influence of the dynamic between animal and human. 


Sessions take up to 75 minutes and the first two sessions are compulsory as the Bowen technique builds over a period of 7-14 days.

Initial booking is $220 for 2 sessions 

Any follow up sessions are $132

My cats and I have now had two Pets and Pals Partnership Healings with Maddison. What an invaluable experience they both were!


I was having a lot of trouble introducing my new kitten to my older cat. Maddison was able to shed light on the situation for me (and them), and assist in bonding us together as a family.


Life at home with my cats is now completely blissful and we are so grateful!!

Elizabeth, Melbourne 

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