A typical session of Intuitive Partnership Healing will encompass the needs of both the human and animal clients and their relationship together.

In the first session, a detailed history of both clients will be taken, physical palpitation of the animal, and a discussion of the current aim of treatment. Following, preliminary treatment will be undertaken employing Animal Bowen Therapy (to release physical and emotional malfunctions in the animal), and other physical manipulation techniques undertaken on both clients, such as; myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. Reiki, energy healing, will also be implemented for both clients targeting physical, emotional, and behavioural concerns. Throughout the session dialogue between animal, human, and therapist will be guide and deepen the understanding and treatment of the issues, and strengthen the relationship together.


In the compulsory follow up treatment, a review and reassessment of the physical functioning and relationship dynamic will guide the progression of the session. Animal Bowen Therapy will require this secondary treatment to fully impact and create the fundamental changes required (depending on severity for further treatments). In this session methods, training, and exercises will be provided alongside the creation of a treatment plan, to further guide the relationship between, and healing of, animal and human.

This service takes a holistic approach to behavioural issues, and bodily malfunctions of the animal to implement changes on a fundamental level- taking into account physical assessment, emotional understanding, and operation of relationship between human and animal.

Pets and Pals Partnership sessions are 75 minutes. 


Initial booking is $200 for 2 sessions 

Any follow up sessions are $120

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