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Many women spend so much time looking after their body during pregnancy and preparing themselves for birth, but often, we forget about the forth trimester. Postnatal recovery takes about 2 years and that is just the physical component!  Regardless of whether you had a c-section or a vaginal delivery, a 'non eventful' birth or a traumatic birth, all women need to recover and heal in some way after baby - physically, emotionally, spiritually and or energetically.

Women are often left feeling overwhelmed, 'broken', disconnected from their body, and wondering 'Is what I will feel like for the rest of my life?'.....

Mama we hear you! AND we feel you!

Using a holistic healing approach, we will help you to reconnect with your body again and enjoy a more complete sense of wellbeing during this precious transition phase in your life.

As a Women's Physiotherapist, a Mama of 2, experienced athlete and Soul Biz woman, our Therapist Taryn has a very unique set of skills that can help you to heal & recover postnatally.

Not only will she help you rebuild your core and pelvic floor, return to movement safely, she will also help you to reconnect with your body and your self.

A range of techniques are used to help you with your postnatal recovery including:

  • Core & pelvic floor strengthening and releasing exercises

  • Postural care and realignment strategies

  • Breathing techniques

  • Visualisation and meditation

  • Massage - including self massage techniques

  • Movement Therapy

  • Self care practices and rituals 

  • and much more


Initial Postnatal Pelvic Floor Therapy sessions are 90mins.

Price: $150 (Receipts for Private Health Rebates are available upon request)

Follow up sessions are 60mins.

Price: $120 (Receipts for Private Health Rebates are available upon request)

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