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Medicine Journeying is an introspective practice for those who wish to gain insight into personal concerns, wounds and self-development, and experience transformational shifts through the experience of a drum journey.

Maddison implements various shamanic, holistic counselling, and divination tools to create a space conducive to the exploration of various worlds that intersect with our own.


The process offers the opportunity for deep healing with no previous journeying experience required, just an open mind and willingness to do the work.

Sessions go for 1 hour.

Price: $165

Maddison is the kind of woman who radiates calming, wise and inspiring energy. From the first moment stepping into her treatment space, I felt welcome and seen without having to explain my life story.


Her medicine journeying session was an energetic treat on all levels - starting with a brief chat and some carefully chosen tools, Maddy uses her divine knowledge to connect beyond the superficial and take you away from the conscious mind for a deep and relaxing ride back to self. The wisdom she shared was comforting and captivating!


I can't wait to visit again.

Kim, Melbourne 

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