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Mind Body Medicine is a complementary therapy which uses Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, assessment of neurological function and an empowering form of counselling called compassionate inquiry. We help our clients to recognise and understand the root cause of chronic health issues, autoimmune disease, trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. 


As a result of emotional challenges and traumas in life, certain behavioural patterns or coping mechanisms become entrenched in a person’s lifestyle. Chinese Medicine shows us that different patterns create stress on particular areas of the body. By looking at a client’s symptoms of pain, illness or disharmony, we allow their bodies to communicate with us and teach us what it is they require to move them towards optimal health. 


We empower our clients and support their journey as they release themselves from these long held patterns and live more in alignment with their authentic selves.

Sessions can go for up to 2hrs.


Initial booking is $255

Any follow up sessions are $225

Henri is one of the most dropped in practitioners I know. When you're sharing, he's right there with you and listening deeply. I've appreciated all his knowledge in TCM too. I would highly recommend Henri :)

Tameena, Melbourne 

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