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Driven to understand her instinctive calling as a healer, Maddison has sought knowledge and practice among many disciplines. It is a life lesson to investigate how one can be simultaneously a teacher and a student in fulfilment, alignment and clarity - in a reflexive, self-sustaining relationship. This motivates Maddison’s studies and encourages her to share what she has discovered with others.

From a young age Maddison’s connection with animals and the natural world have informed her development, and led her to qualifications in Canine Bowen Therapy (ISBT) and years of experience in animal care and therapy.  Her practices are an amalgamation of techniques and modalities which have been effective on her own personal journey. To share knowledge of the medicines which have delivered her personal healing, strength and clarity is her goal.

As a dedicated, inquisitive and compassionate healer, Maddison draws energy from nature, animals and the environment to curate practices which engage the psyche in active questioning and discovery for the individual.

Book in for a session with Maddison:

   Medicine Journeying

   Pets and Pals Partnership Healing

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