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Lisa has been practicing as a Senior Kinesiologist for 16+ years and now trains Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiologists. As a second generation Kinesiologist, Lisa was introduced to healing, meditation and personal development at a very young age.

She has a gentle and loving energy that has you feeling relaxed, and safe to release your imbalances. She facilitates deep and intuitive Kinesiology sessions to enable you to experience profound shifts in your life. 


She loves working with humans from all walks of life and ages. She has a special interest in women in business, living in joy, connecting to spiritual guidance, life transformations including; career change, finding your true calling, pregnancy & birth, and dark nights of the soul. 

Book in for a session with Lisa:

   Kinesiology Intuitive Healing


When you first meet Lisa, you feel immediately calm and relaxed. She has a beautiful energy about her which instantly makes you feel comfortable. She takes the time to discuss your needs and then provides you with the knowledge and information to heal. I leave her appointments feeling amazingly inspired and loved.

Tanya, Melbourne

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