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Kelsey McLaughlin is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner. 


Having always had a strong interest in holistic therapies Kelsey discovered a love for her primary modality of Kinesiology after a session with Janelle Green. When her first session as a client resonated deeply with her, she knew this was the path she needed to take in order to help others in the same way. Almost immediately she started studying Kinesiology, whilst being mentored and guided by Janelle and the team at Element.


Kelsey incorporates various modalities and healing techniques in her balances to assist clients in clearing emotional, physical and energetic blockages. Your body has the intelligence to determine which modalities are necessary for your treatment, which may include; acupressure points, essential oils, crystals, sound or oracle cards. All with the goal of guiding you to living your most grounded, intentional life. 

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