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Shaneece is a Crystal Dreaming® Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner. 

Through exploring different modalities during her own healing journey, it ignited a passion in Shaneece to offer the tools and support to others in aligning with their true self. 

Coming from a trauma-informed care approach with training and experience in the mental health field, Shaneece offers Crystal Dreaming® shamanic journeying to help release trauma from present and past lives so you can clear blockages that stop you from living your full potential. 

She also offers Reiki healing that is perfect for everyone wanting to relax and nourish their mind, body and soul. 

Shaneece’s wish is to provide others with the tools, guidance, and empowerment they need to step into their own power and purpose while creating a safe space for them to do so.

Book in for a session with Shaneece:

   Crystal Dreaming®


I was never a sceptic and had a very open mind but being a newbie to Reiki (and all things that nature) I had no idea what to expect. Having so much trust in Shaneece I knew she was the right person to introduce me. I will now say, Reiki (performed by Shaneece) is 100% for me. I left my session on cloud nine. Everything felt clearer and lighter. My breaths felt deeper and for the first time in a long time I just felt, calm. During the session the warmth that radiates from her hands is incredible. Even without touch the warmth is felt, almost like standing by a fire. Your skin can feel it. What Shaneece picked up from my session amazed me even more. Everything was spot on, things I hadn't even talked about with her, she picked up on and hit the nail on the head. I took so so much away from my session and I'm putting into practice the things I need to do for myself to get me back to me. I'm already excited for another session with Shaneece and I will be a big advocate for her and this practice. If your thinking about it, do it! You won't realise how much you needed it until you do. Shaneece is pure magic.

Britt, Melbourne 

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