Karina is a qualified Kinesiologist, with a passion for true awareness and deep personal growth. Having grown up immersed in an environment of Aromatherapy and other complimentary therapies, this encouraged her on her own wellbeing path, beginning with Massage Therapy in 2007.


Whilst studying Oncology Massage, EFT and Reiki, she became fascinated with mind, body and soul integration, leading her to dedicate herself to the art of Kinesiology.

With a focus on assisting you to cultivate your own health and wellbeing, she is continuously discovering and learning skills to help you to understand and connect with your authentic self.​ Karina believes that it is when we first become self-aware and then self-empowered, that effective and sustainable change takes place.

The powerful discoveries we uncover together through Kinesiology allow us to make insightful and meaningful connections that you can consciously unravel and release.

Karina’s individualised sessions create space for this wholehearted experience.