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Jessica is a qualified Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive Healer, who has always had an interest in health and wellness.


Jessica worked with patients as a Cardiac Sonographer for the last 15 years, and currently works at The Royal Children’s Hospital. She is also a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher and holds a Bachelor Honours Degree in Exercise Rehabilitation Science.


Her personal healing journey into self-love, self-compassion and trust, has deepened her interest and exploration into energetic and holistic medicine and ignited a desire to share this with others. Jessica is excited to create a space with her clients to explore their truth, so that they can experience their potential, power and creative capacity.

Book in for a session with Jessica:

   Kinesiology Intuitive Healing

In just one session Jessica provided relief from debilitating back pain and got me back on my feet. highly recommend a balance.

Cara, Melbourne 

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