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Jack is a registered Nutritionist, with a Bachelor degree in Health Science (BHSc),  majoring in Human Nutrition. He uses a holistic and evidence based approach to nutrition, helping you reach your lifestyle goals. 


We are up against significant challenges when approaching our diet, which is reflected in the rising rates of chronic disease seen in the world today. Jack believes in using a holistic approach to nutrition, which sees the focus move towards the unique and individual relationships we hold with our food, not just what you eat. 

Jack is passionate about empowering people to optimise their nutrition and make changes to their lifestyle that enable them to enjoy the benefits of a long and healthy life.


Jack treats all ages, body types and nutrition challenges. Specialising in:

  • Weight loss

  • General nutrition education & meal planning

  • Specialised eating patterns - vegan, vego, gluten free, FODMAP, DASH & MIND

  • Sports performance nutrition, including muscle growth (hypertrophy)

  • Microbiome & gastrointestinal conditions 

  • Disease prevention & longevity

  • Childhood nutrition, early development & fussy eating

Book in for a session with Jack, start with a free 15 min connection call to determine the right service for you:

I have been dealing with seronegative arthritis in two joints, also alongside a mild case of ulcerative colitis. This has been treated with medication throughout the years (without much drastic change), but I have never drilled down on my dietary intake. This is where Jack came in. He guided me through a detailed menu plan to reduce inflammation and improve my gut health, and it worked.  On the bright side as well I lost 15kg over the 12 month period and have been able to maintain it.

Jason - Melbourne

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