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Danielle is our resident Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Astrologer.


Danielle has completed a double bachelor degree in Health Science and Chinese Medicine. She holds majors in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Danielle also completed a diploma of Naturopathy and Masters Degree in Human Nutrition. She brings these disciplines together to provide holistic, integrative health support.


She is able to assist with a broad range of conditions including Women's health conditions, pregnancy, and fertility support . Her special interest areas include treatments for pain, emotional conditions; stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, insomnia, digestive conditions, weight loss/weight gain, skin conditions and chronic fatigue. 

Danielle of also has a very unique skill of Astrology. She was introduced to Astrology at age 5 and began doing charts for family friends under the instruction of her mother. She uses astrological insight and principles to assist people to identify their unique potentials and stumbling blocks, so they can reach greater levels of self awareness and success. 

Danielle uses astrology as a modality to assist people in a variety of ways; understanding their key archetypal energies, life direction, soul path, internal conflicts, drivers and relationship dynamics. She works with people to combine this knowledge with practical strategies that help them improve their life and fulfil their unique potential. 

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