Mind Body Medicine is a complementary therapy which uses Kinesiology techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, assessment of neurological function and counselling. We help our clients to recognise and understand the root cause of trauma, addictive behaviours, dis-ease and emotional blockages in the body. Using specific techniques on the physical body we support and guide them as they move toward health and healing.


As a result of numerous emotional challenges or traumas, certain behavioural patterns or coping mechanisms become entrenched in a person’s lifestyle. Different patterns create stress in the body. By looking at our client’s symptoms of pain, illness or disharmony, we allow their bodies to communicate with us and teach us what it is they require for optimal health. 


We empower our clients to release themselves from these long held patterns and live more in alignment with their authentic selves.

Sessions can go for up to 1.5hrs.


Initial booking is $250

Any follow up sessions are $200

I had my first online kinesiology session with Nathan last week. I was wondering how it would go, and I’m pleased to say that it was just as effective as face to face. So much so that I even got a bit emotional at one stage which I did not expect, but it was good emotional stuff! I also wondered if we could fill in the 1 1/2 hr session, but it passed by really quickly so any reservations I had were put to rest. I’m now looking forward to my next online session with Nathan.

Anne, Melbourne