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Bec Clough is a certified Reiki practitioner and Holistic Counsellor who is committed to helping people live their best life. She is also a circle facilitator working with the energy of the moon and the cycles of the divine feminine. 


After years of experiencing anxiety and feeling out of place, something had to change. Bec knew that it could only begin with her relationship with herself and in her determination to turn her life she found incredible tools, including Reiki that helped her to find that love for herself again. After realising the power of Reiki, she knew she had to share this beautiful modality with others. 


Bec loves helping clients to reconnect with their soul and expand into greatness while truly embracing every part of themselves. She believes, "Our own healing is our gift to world and when we are in alignment we can achieve anything!" 

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   Cutting of the Ties

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