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Sessions begin with investigation of the personal natal chart (birth chart) and discussion about the key energies within the person and the particular areas of life the energy seeks to express itself. Then individual aspects, dominant planets and elements are discussed. Following the overview there is time for detailed insight into a particular area of life of the clients choice (career, relationships, self expression etc). 

To conclude the consultation, practical suggestions that can be applied in everyday life which are useful to keep people aware of subconscious sabotage and blind spots and on track to fulfilling their souls desire. 


Once a natal chart has been completed, a follow up session can be conducted with a relationship focus and two charts can be contrasted and compared together in synastry. The aim of these sessions is greater insight into the relationship dynamic as well as the personal impact of the interaction. There is time given to look at the aspects between the two people, potential areas of support and connection as well as highlighting potential conflicts and areas that need work. As with the natal chart, practical suggestions will be given about the interpersonal dynamic that can be applied to create greater harmony and balance in relationship. 

Astrology sessions are 60 minutes.

Price: $220